Massimo Modular’s Model S – perfect for a pair

Do you and your favorite fellow outdoors-loving person seek a nature-friendly place to call home while out exploring? Are you interested in enjoying more time outdoors on your property and less time traveling to your accommodation location? Or perhaps your resort facility is simply in need of an upgrade from your current camping offerings.

Texas-based Massimo Modular, renowned for manufacturing top-quality, high-tech modular buildings, has created the perfect living space just for the two of you who seek the ultimate in style, luxury and comfort. The Massimo Modular Model S packs plenty of comfort into its 322.9 square feet. Measuring 29.9 feet long by 10.8 feet wide and 11 feet tall, the Model S is built for two occupants.

From the moment you step inside the Model S, you’ll feel at home with nature in a way that can only occur in a truly superior living space such as this. The MSRP of $49,999 (plus freight) makes it even easier to envision yourself enjoying the outdoors from the indoors.

Here’s a closer look at some of the Massimo Modular Model S specifications:

  • Electric Power: 18kw
  • Net weight: 20,000 lbs.
  • Entry stairs
  • Smart door lock
  • Water heater
  • Electrical hook-up
  • Sewer joint
  • S. standard sockets
  • Standard color facade panel
  • Standard color external aluminum panel
  • Standard color internal panel
  • Standard color shelf panel
  • Ultra-low-energy thermal insulation system
  • Panoramic insulated double glazed window system
  • Environmental wood floor
  • Integrated bathroom
  • Automatic curtain
  • Underfloor heating system
  • All-in-one smart control system
  • 2*AC (3HP air conditioning and heating) water heating, and ventilation system

Among the highlights that set Massimo Modular living spaces apart from others in the segment is that it’s eco-friendly. Enjoy sustainable exploration of ecologically sensitive terrain without environmental impact or waste, perfect for eco-conscious outdoor enthusiasts.

Also, the Model S can be installed in two hours. Without the need for on-site construction and decoration, this innovative solution eliminates the inconvenience typically associated with traditional construction.

And it’s durable. CITIC Design Institute’s modular splicing structure is patented and designed to resist earthquakes over level 8 and typhoons over level 12, with over 70 years of estimated service life.

Did we mention the views? You can escape to stunning panoramic views through floor-to-ceiling windows, top-notch insulation, sleep under the stars or wake up to stunning sunrises, and recharge in pure natural surroundings.

All Massimo Modular living spaces are provided with a Smart Home System – a sustainable smart home management system that can be controlled through your smartphone. On your touchscreen, control the smart door lock, smart lighting, air conditioning, automatic curtain and underfloor heating.

Following is a closer look at what happens after you joined the growing list of customers throughout the U.S. who have purchased a Massimo living space such as the Model S.

Once the product is externally packaged, it will be shipped in a large flatbed truck. During shipment from Massimo headquarters in Garland, Texas, to the camp site, strict safety protection measures will be adopted to ensure safety and stability during transportation.

After the living space arrives at the project site, it needs to be hoisted and landed by a large crane. Appropriate hoisting equipment must be used. The product has been designed with hoisting points and tonnage data provided.

The base installation of the product needs to formulate a construction plan for the excavation of the pile foundation according to the soil conditions to ensure the safety and stability of the product landing.

Compared to other options you might be considering, it’s a straightforward process. And more of a reason to get even more familiar with the Model S and how it can enhance your life. All Massimo Modular living spaces are Assembled in the USA at company headquarters in Garland, Texas.