Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Included and How Long Does It Take to Get My Living Space?

Modular unit and basic listed components. Please refer to the product page for each model for a list of all included amenities.
Market price does does NOT include: Delivery/transportation to your location or crane services to remove and place the unit.
This can be quoted and added to your invoice, or you may obtain transportation services of your choosing.

Foundation – concrete slabs or footings/piers. The modular home includes the places on the feet to be tied down to a foundation.

Any required local zoning and/or building permits.

Connection of services – (electricity, sewer or septic, and water) We recommend either electrician and plumber or general contractor to connect these services. Additional requested work done outside the normal installation process and connection of utilities and sewage lines or any customization outside of what is given on the original spec sheet per model. Customized variations from our base building plans may increase modular home price but you will be given this price at the time of ordering. No surprises.

Many factors can affect lead time, including the time of year, the model
chosen, number of units ordered, any custom upgrades, the local permitting process, required engineered drawings, and the distance from the modular home manufacturing. We know that customers are excited to get their living space(s), and we’ll work hard to get your house built, delivered, and installed correctly and in a timely manner. Extreme circumstances, such as the Covid-19 pandemic or
natural disasters can increase lead times. Consult your modular home contact for lead times on your potential project.

Permits, Rules and Regulations

Yes, you probably will. You can reach out to local
municipalities or a general contractor to help with this. Our recommendation is a general contractor because they can also help with the foundation and installation of utilities. For an additional fee, Massimo Modular does have a permit specialist that can guide you through the process if you choose not to use a local contractor. It will be imperative to find out what zoning and building permits, if any, are required for your location. Permits can range from simple and inexpensive to complex and expensive. The customer is responsible for paying for any required permits or other requirements from local municipalities.

There may be covenants or HOA rules in your neighborhood regarding acceptable building size, style, height, location, etc. The customer should consult with their HOA or other neighborhood association to understand rules that may affect what types of structures are allowed.

Land and Delivery Preparation

Just like any new construction, you would need to determine the location you want to put the living space. A survey of your land may need to be done to determine best locations.

We recommend you prepare a foundation and bring utilities to it so they can plug in once the modular home arrives. The type of foundation will be based upon the terrain and ground that you are placing the modular home on. This is best determined by a general contractor or civil engineer. (Someone who is familiar with the land conditions of your location)

This largely depends on local building rules. Check with your local municipality to see if it requires a dwelling to be anchored to the foundation. If so, anchors can be added to your modular home by a contractor. It is already designed to be anchored.

Clean the site of all debris (i.e. old tree stumps, trash, dog waste, etc) and a pathway to and from where the delivery vehicle parks.

The building will be delivered into place via a heavy-duty truck and long, tilt-bed trailer as well as a crane. The truck and trailer must have a clear 12’ wide, relatively straight path from a paved road, as trailers are unable to make tight turns, similar to a boat trailer or camper. It is vitally important that there are no obstacles that cannot be navigated around, such as fences, trees, branches, playsets, or underground septic systems.

Our delivery vehicles are heavy and can leave tire tracks when driving across grass or other vegetation.


Plumbing, electricity, and HVAC all come pre-installed in your modular home from the factory. Utilities simply plugin on-site to the exterior of the modular home. We recommend you have
a professional contractor on site to get everything installed correctly upon delivery of your modular home.

150amp, 220v dual phase residential service in USA. That would be with stove, refrigerator, washer, dryer, water heater, HVAC and heated floor active at the same time.

What about Damage?

The modular home was fully inspected before it left our warehouse. However, sometimes unintentional
damage can occur in transit. Inspect the building thoroughly before the installers leave from delivery and installation to ensure there is no damage to the structure. If any damage is found, please alert the
delivery personnel, take pictures and contact your modular home representative immediately.

Massimo Modular Living

Our Product


Our eco-friendly product/service provides sustainable exploration of ecologically sensitive terrains without environmental impact or waste, perfect for eco-conscious outdoor enthusiasts.

Quick Install

Installed in 2 hours, without the need for on-site construction and decoration, this innovative solution eliminates the inconvenience typically associated with traditional construction.

Quality Design

CITIC Design Institute's modular splicing structure is patented and designed to resist earthquakes over level 8 and typhoons over level 12, with over 70 years of estimated service life.

Panoramic View

Escape to stunning 270° panoramic views through floor-to-ceiling windows, top-notch insulation, sleep under the stars or wake up to stunning sunrises, and recharge in pure natural surroundings.

Smart Home System

All houses are provided with a sustainable smart home management system that can be controlled through your smartphone.

Massimo Modular | Modern Prefab Homes

Smart Door Lock

Massimo Modular | Modern Prefab Homes

Smart lighting

Massimo Modular | Modern Prefab Homes

Air Conditioning

Massimo Modular | Modern Prefab Homes

Automatic Curtain

Massimo Modular | Modern Prefab Homes

Underfloor Heating

Factory Shipping

Once the product is externally packaged, it will be shipped in a large flatbed truck.​ On the way of the product from the factory to the camp site, strict safety protection measures will be adopted to ensure safety and stability during transportation.

Product Hoisting

After the product arrives at the project site, it needs to be hoisted and landed by a large crane.​ Appropriate hoisting equipment must be used in light of the actual situation on site. The product has been designed with hoisting points and tonnage data provided.

Base Installation

The base installation of the product needs to formulate a construction plan for the excavation of the pile foundation according to the soil conditions to ensure the safety and stability of the product landing.

Our Modular

Massimo Modular provides beautiful and functional ecological homes that allow individuals to immerse themselves in their natural surroundings without sacrificing comfort. We use advanced technology and design to create a unique, sustainable living experience. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly way of life, Massimo Modular is the ideal provider of beautiful, functional modular homes.