Massimo modular accessories are the pinnacle of fine craftsmanship and engineering excellence. Each accessory is meticulously crafted using only the highest quality materials, hand-selected for their durability, longevity, and superior performance.

Our Accessories

Swim SPA S12 - $49,580

Our swimming pool has many features to make swimming enjoyable. The constant temperature system keeps the water at the perfect temperature, even if it’s cold outside. You can also swim against the current with the endless pool function, and relax with the massage function. The sterilization cycle makes sure the water is always clean and germ-free. You can adjust the time and temperature for a personalized experience. It’s stylish and suitable for both home and commercial use. If you want the best swimming experience, our pool is the perfect choice.

  • CN White Acrylic
  • Grey PS skirt
  • Balboa system*2set (included 2pcs 3kW heater)
  • Water Pump 5pcs(massage jet*109pcs)
  • Filter Function (Pump*3pcs, filter*2pcs,Sandfilter*1pc)
  • Air Bubble Function (Pump*1pc, air jet*20pcs)
  • Light: 5″LED Lamp*7pcs + Small LED*50pcs
  • Waterfall*2pcs
  • Speaker*4ps
  • PU cover
  • 3-steps stair
  • PU insulation
  • Electric inlet & outlet system
  • Bluetooth system
  • Total power: 21.25kW (110V/220V/380V)
  • Ozone*2pcs, UV light

Hottub SPA 596D - $3,985

This spa has different modes to suit your preferences: standard, economy, and sleep. Each mode is for different times of day or moods. The spa looks nice with an aluminum-plastic cover that’s strong. The water pump has two speeds- high or low- to help everyone feel safe and comfortable. A thermostat helps keep you warm in the winter. There is also a filter and ozone function to keep the water clean and bacteria-free.

  • CN White Acrylic
  • Grey PS skirt Control system (Joyonway system)
  • Dual-speed pump 1.85KW*1pc (WP250-Ⅱ)
  • Filter Function (filter*1pc)
  • Jets(49pcs)
  • 5″ LED*1pc
  • Ozone*1pc
  • Air adjustor*1pc
  • Water suction*2pcs
  • Pillow*2pcs
  • Total power: 4.85kW(110V/220V/380V)

Gazebo LT07 - $39,585

Our gazebo is amazing and perfect for outdoor living. It looks beautiful and works great! It’s made of strong materials like aluminum-plastic panels and treated wood that’s coated with varnish. The combination makes it waterproof and perfect for any weather. The roof is designed so that rain and snow slide right off, which means it’ll last a long time with very little maintenance. You can enjoy your gazebo for years to come without worrying!

  • Aluminum-plastic+Red cedar wood
  • (1)Sauna Part:Red Cedar
  • Control system 1set
  • Rosin Yellow Cultrue Stone
  • 6KW Havia sauna stove with wooden frame
  • LED strip,Lamp
  • Sauna accessoires(Thermo-Hygrmeter, Cask, Sandglass, wooden shower part(steam function):
  • Control system 1set with 3KW water box
  • Square top showerhead, handwand shower
  • Lamp, Ozone
  • (3)Hottub:WS-594(2150*2150*900mm)
  • CN White Acrylic+Grey PS skirt
  • Balboa system with 3kW heater
  • Bluetooth system with 2pcs AV speakers
  • Water pump*3pcs(69pcs)+Air bubble system(8pcs air jets)
  • Filter Function(Pump*pc, filter*1pc)
  • Light: 5″LED Lamp*2pcs+Small LED 18pcs
  • Water Fountain*2pcs+Water column*3pcs
  • Ozone,Aromatherapy
  • PU insulation,PU cover
  • Electric inlet & outlet system
  • (4)Adjustment base(9pcs):
  • Total power: 16.35kW(110V/220V/380V)

Gazebo LT10 - $4,020

The gazebo product is truly remarkable, reflecting the pinnacle of high-end and elegant design. The wood on the surface not only appears visually stunning but is also manufactured with top-quality materials such as aluminum-plastic panels and varnished wood. This not only enhances the durability of the gazebo, but it also grants it protections against harsh outdoor conditions. The product boasts waterproofing, moisture-proofing, and sun-proofing capabilities, making it ideal for outdoor use in any type of weather.

  • Aluminum-plastic+Red cedar wood
  • red cedar inside , white pine & waterproof solid wood & aluminum panel& PS material for top 
  • Electrical Spotlight 4pcs 
  • Casual platform (3m*3m)
  •  (3)Hottub:WS-192(2080*2080*890mm) 
  • CN White Acrylic+Grey PS skirt 
  • Balboa system with 3kW heater 
  • Bluetooth system with 2pcs AV speakers 
  • Water pump*2pcs(51pcs)+Air bubble system(10pcs air jets) 
  • Filter Function(Pump*pc, filter*1pc) 
  • Light: 5″LED Lamp*2pcs+Small LED 16pcs 
  • Ozone.Aromatherapy ,Waterfall*1pc, 
  • PU insulation,PU cover 
  • Electric inlet & outlet system 
  • Total power: 16.35kW(110V/220V/380V)

Gazebo 1602SR - $3,995

Our production process goes through strict quality control measures to ensure that the finished product is durable, safe, and of high quality. The attention to detail is impeccable, with every aspect of the product handled with care and precision. From the smooth finish to the sturdy joints, every detail contributes to the high level of quality that this product is known for. Rest assured that you are getting not only a beautifully crafted product but also a reliable and long-lasting one.

  • Red cedar wood 
  • Control system 
  • Lamp *1pc ;Speaker*2pcs; 
  • 5pcs Mica heating board (4pcs*300W,1pc * 240W) 
  • Total power: 1440W(110V/220V)

Massimo Modular Living

Our Product


Our eco-friendly product/service provides sustainable exploration of ecologically sensitive terrains without environmental impact or waste, perfect for eco-conscious outdoor enthusiasts.

Quick Install

Installed in 2 hours, without the need for on-site construction and decoration, this innovative solution eliminates the inconvenience typically associated with traditional construction.

Quality Design

CITIC Design Institute's modular splicing structure is patented and designed to resist earthquakes over level 8 and typhoons over level 12, with over 70 years of estimated service life.

Panoramic View

Escape to stunning 270° panoramic views through floor-to-ceiling windows, top-notch insulation, sleep under the stars or wake up to stunning sunrises, and recharge in pure natural surroundings.

Smart Home System

All houses are provided with a sustainable smart home management system that can be controlled through your smartphone.

Massimo Modular | Modern Prefab Homes

Smart Door Lock

Massimo Modular | Modern Prefab Homes

Smart lighting

Massimo Modular | Modern Prefab Homes

Air Conditioning

Massimo Modular | Modern Prefab Homes

Automatic Curtain

Massimo Modular | Modern Prefab Homes

Underfloor Heating

Factory Shipping

Once the product is externally packaged, it will be shipped in a large flatbed truck.​ On the way of the product from the factory to the camp site, strict safety protection measures will be adopted to ensure safety and stability during transportation.

Product Hoisting

After the product arrives at the project site, it needs to be hoisted and landed by a large crane.​ Appropriate hoisting equipment must be used in light of the actual situation on site. The product has been designed with hoisting points and tonnage data provided.

Base Installation

The base installation of the product needs to formulate a construction plan for the excavation of the pile foundation according to the soil conditions to ensure the safety and stability of the product landing.

Our Modular

Massimo Modular provides beautiful and functional ecological homes that allow individuals to immerse themselves in their natural surroundings without sacrificing comfort. We use advanced technology and design to create a unique, sustainable living experience. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly way of life, Massimo Modular is the ideal provider of beautiful, functional modular homes.