400 tours! Massimo Modular creates excitement at glamping show

With a highly innovative and eco-friendly living space on site for attendees to walk through, Massimo Modular wowed the crowd during October at The Glamping Show Americas 2023 at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds in Aurora, Colorado.

Texas-based Massimo Modular, renowned for manufacturing top-quality, high-tech modular buildings, received a warm welcome from the glamping industry members who attended the show.

“It was great exposure for Massimo Modular, and the eco-friendly Model E-7 living space that we had on site turned us into the most popular booth at the show,” said Gerrit Vanderwerff, Sales Director at Massimo Modular. “The affordable pricing and the fact that no one had ever seen anything like it really had a lot of people talking it.”

With four Massimo Modular staff members on hand to visit with glamping industry members, there was plenty of business to be discussed. The Model E-7’s all-steel construction, with aluminum outers, is ideal for camping lodges situated in a woodsy setting.

“Most of the conversations were centered around the fact that there’s no wood involved in the construction, so it’s very easy to consider for any outdoor environment,” Vanderwerff said. “There are a lot of critters that can do damage to wood, so our houses eliminate that concern. And, of course, the idea that it’s plug-and-play from an electric and water perspective had people interested.”

Additionally, the Model E-7’s has a drop-down movie screen that also functions as part of the curtain, so there was plenty of chatter about its “cool factor.”

Attendees of the B2B event were focused mostly on what they were going to buy to include as part of their glamping-oriented business. Fortunately for those checking out the Model E-7, they were more interested in buying more than one unit, with some interested in 5, 10 or even 15 models for their glamping business.

As a debut event for Massimo Modular, it’s no surprise that the glamping business is one that is rolling out the welcome mat for the company.

“We would have 20 people touring the unit inside and another 20 outside waiting to get in. It’s safe to say that we exceeded 400 indoor tours of the E-7 throughout the entire show,” Vanderwerff said.

Massimo Modular products are all either Made in the USA or Assembled in the USA at the company’s headquarters in Garland, Texas.

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