Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

Do you have a fire sprinkler system installed in the unit?

Yes, we can install a fire sprinkler system per your request.

Is this Massimo Modular house safe?

Our national standard carbon steel has passed strict structural safety certification. The modular splicing structure is designed and patented by the professional structural design team of CITIC Design Institute. It can resist earthquakes over level 8, and typhoons over level 12, and the estimated service life is over 70 years.

What kind of HVAC is equipped with the product?

It is equipped with a cooling/heating function. We also add an underfloor heating system to prevent winter harsh weather.

Do wiring and plumbing need to be pre-built before installation on the ground or get done afterward? What about the sewer line?

The water system needs to be prepared in advance according to the house model, and the sewage pipes should be prepared during the sewer construction.

What do you require of the ground? Flat with soil, concrete, or any other condition?

While our units can be placed on any foundation, some cities require our units be placed on a concrete slab or piers.

Does installation require an electrician and plumber to be on-site? What tools do you require to assemble?

The installation requires a plumber and an electrician to connect the water and electricity. You’ll need a hot melt machine and water pipe cutter.

What material is for the outside shell? When the rain drops onto the shell, would you hear the noise of rain hitting the hard shell?

The exterior material is aluminum with fluorocarbon treatment to prevent corrosion. The aluminum plate is affixed with rubber-plastic sound insulation cotton, foam layer in the middle that is the same as the foam material of the refrigerator. You can barely hear any sounds from outside.

Are the shells insulated inside? How thick is the wall?

Yes, shells are insulated inside, the thickness of the wall is 6 inches.

Do all the models have electrical/plumbing wires and connections? Do all the wiring and plumbing meet the local USA standards?

Yes, all models have electric/plumbing wires and connections. All of them meet USA standards.

Do you have any sample units in the US?

Yes, we have sample units at our Dallas, Texas facility. Located at 3101 W Miller Rd, Garland TX 75041.

What is the shipping and installation process?

1. Factory Shipping​: Once the product is externally packaged, it will be shipped in a large flatbed truck.​ On the way of the product from the factory to the camp site, strict safety protection measures will be adopted to ensure safety and stability during transportation. 2. Product Hoisting​: After the product arrives at the project site, it needs to be hoisted and landed by a large crane.​ Appropriate hoisting equipment must be used in light of the actual situation on site. The product has been designed with hoisting points and tonnage data provided. 3. Base Installation​: The base installation of the product needs to formulate a construction plan for the excavation of the pile foundation according to the soil conditions to ensure the safety and stability of the product landing.